With Mobimag, you can easily create mobile-friendly magazines and share them with people around the world.

But first, you need to learn the exact steps for designing the pages of your magazine. So, we've created a training video for you.

Click the play button below to watch it now.

If you prefer reading the tips mentioned in the video, please read on below.

When designing your pages, make sure to:

Design each page to be 400 pixels wide and by however long it needs to be
For ease, design every section or article as a separate page
For articles, stick to a single column layout
For covers, we again recommend a width of 400 pixels, with a height of 715 pixels
Once the design is complete, ensure the text has NOT been converted to outline
Export each page as a separate page at 150 DPI resolution
Finally, ensure all pages are less than 10MB

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