What is a publication?

A publication is the highest level of a Mobimag. It is where you can create your editions, also known as the magazine issues.

We've recorded a video to explain the step by step process in creating a Mobimag publication. Click the play button below to start watching.

If you prefer reading the steps on how to add a new publication, please refer to the process below.

Log in to your Mobimag account.
Once you're in, click the 'Mobimags' button and tap 'Add New Publication'.
Then, you'll need to enter your Mobimag name and URL. After that, click 'Continue' to proceed to the next page.
Customise your Mobimag by adding your publication logo and primary branding colour.
Next, let's get social. Add your social links to keep your readers connected. You can add your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter links.
Finally, click 'Create' to start adding your magazine editions.

Create a New Publication
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