Want to attract more readers for your magazine?

Embedding videos is a great way to elevate your content, enhance the user experience and get more readers. You can do all these using our world-first technology.

If you're using Adobe InDesign to design your magazine, we've created a video tutorial showing the steps on how to add a video to a page.

Click the play button to start watching now.

If you prefer reading the process, we've listed the steps mentioned in the video below.

Open the specific InDesign document you want to edit.
Draw a box where you want to add your video. For reference, here are the different dimensions for each media type.

Add the full video URL inside the text box.
Align text to the centre of the box and justify to the left.
Finally, you can opt to change the colour of the box and text.

After adding a video to your page, make sure to save the page as a PDF file and upload it into Mobimag.
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