Have you started creating your publication?

If yes, then you need to remember that you have three publishing options when using Mobimag.

Once you've started working on a publication, by default, your publishing status is set as 'Unlisted'. If you've finalized the content and design of your Mobimag, you can change its status to 'Published'. But if you see any mistakes after publishing a Mobimag, you can easily fix it by changing the status to 'Draft'.

For more details, watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to update your publishing status.

If you prefer reading the step-by-step guide in updating your publishing status, please read on below.

Log in to your Mobimag account
Go to 'Mobimags' tab
On the top right corner, you can see your publishing options
Select 'Unlisted' if you don't want the publication to appear in your newsstand
Choose 'Draft' if you want to edit a publication
Click 'Published' if you want to share your Mobimag
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