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How to Add Social and SEO Details to a Page

If you want to reach more readers, you need to start sharing your magazine articles on your social media accounts. Another option is to encourage your contributors to share their articles on their personal accounts.

You can do all these with Mobimag. All you need to do is add social media and SEO details to a page. This way you can generate a page link that you can share with others.

Click the play button to start watching the video tutorial.

Or, you can read the instructions on how to add the social media and SEO details of your magazine pages below.

Log in to your Mobimag account
Go to the 'Pages' tab
Click the pencil icon beside the page number to start editing
Click on 'Advanced Settings'
Write the social or SEO title for the specific page
Add the social or SEO description of the page
Upload a social media preview image
Click 'Save' to finalize your changes

Updated on: 15/10/2020

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